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[Album] Jullian Gomes – Slow Poison EP

To the dance floor! Pretoria’s beloved house maven Jullian Gomes has returned with a brand new EP that’s been titled Slow Posion.

The EP’s title is contrary to the electronic sounds on the EP that’s surely going to appeal to the dance faithful.

Download Zip Below:-

Download Music

1. Jullian Gomes – Darkness (feat. Samantha Thornhill)

2. Jullian Gomes – Temple of Snakes (feat. Martin Iveson)

3. Jullian Gomes – Control (feat. Jinadu)

4. Jullian Gomes – Stay (feat. Zaki Ibrahim)

5. Jullian Gomes – Toxic Love (feat. Ree Morris)

6. Jullian Gomes – As’hambe (feat. Tahir Jones)

7. Jullian Gomes – Ghetto Ballerina (feat. Fka Mash)

8. Jullian Gomes – Original (feat. B. Bravo)

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