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Amanda, Davido’s 2nd second baby mama, leaves upsetting note on IG

Davido’s second baby mama, Amanda has published a suggestive post on her Instagram story.

Amanda used the words, ‘disappearing‘ and ‘disgusting‘. According to the beau, she wants to disappear and leave the surface of the earth with her daughter, Hailey. She wishes to elope from the surface of the earth due to the heinous ideologies and personalities in the world.

The mother of one took to her Instagram page on Wednesday, February 19, 2020, where she shared some disturbing posts. According to her, the human race is disgusting to her at the moment and wishes to disappear with her daughter and never come back.

The human race just disgusts me, so many fakes, wannabes, liars, two-faced, those who play all sides, dishonest, opportunists, evil wicked people.

”And IG has become the main platform for all these disgusting people. Wish I could just disappear with my kid and never come back…one day,” she wrote.

She is the mother of Davido’s second child and daughter, Hailey.

It is not clear what might have triggered Amanda’s latest rants on social media but it appears she knows who exactly she was referring to in that post.

Interestingly, this is the first time in a while that Amanda has gone public with her personal life.

The last time she was involved in some social media drama was in 2017 when she threw shades at Davido’s perceived side-chicks.

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