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Ameer Vann – Glock 19


Former Brockhampton member, Ameer Vann, released his first solo project this September since his removal from the boyband in May of 2018. The EP, titled Emmanuel, features just 6 tracks including “Glock 19,” which he released the visuals for on Tuesday. The visuals are edited to be glitchy and sped up, cutting bluntly so as to throw off the viewer. Shots of Ameer filming himself making uncomfortable, almost demonic expressions at the camera and dancing inside a convenience store make up most of the video, interspersed with shots of him and his friends outside the convenience store that they eventually decide to rob. This concept is similar to the video for Brockhampton’s song “BOOGIE” off of their 2017 album, Saturation III, which was released while Ameer was still part of he group.

The boyband made the executive decision to kick Ameer out of their collective after multiple sexual and emotional abuse allegations against him had surfaced. Ameer denied any wrongdoing at the time, but went off the radar until the release of Emmanuel. In his first interview since the whole ordeal, Ameer revealed that he went into a deep depression following the allegations and subsequent removal from the group, even admitting to having suicidal thoughts which led to hospitalization.

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