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“Bitch Got Diarrhoea” Cardi B lets Out a whole lot of Gas While on live

Life doesn’t get more real than Cardi B’s. Cardi b who is trying her best to convince her fans that her stomach is messed up provides the best evidence possible while on her toilet.

Cardi B has been going through a bad week, she has her court case to deal with and one of her enemies posted online that her husband Offset was trying to get with her. This enemy is 6ix9ine’s girlfriend. Offset and Cardi says he was HACKED! Offset explained that one of his emails got hacked hence all his social media pages were taken over.

Watch Cardi B Farts below.

This was not the first time she did it as multiple video clips are online of Cardi Farting on random and laughing after.

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