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Brockhampton – SUGAR


America’s favourite boyband, Brockhampton, dropped off their Ginger album in August and it came equipped with 12 songs that showcased the group’s progression and growth as a collective. Today we’ve been reminded of their beloved release with a new music video for the second single, “Sugar.” The clip is directed by Kevin Abstract and follows a wild tale of an alien killing a man who’s seemingly with the woman he wants. The shots afterward see different members of Brockhampton either as a witness to the murder scene, some in hell and others glued to a roof in green alien slime.

When the album dropped, Kevin explained how Honey Boy actor Shia LaBeouf had a major impact on the project.

“He’s such a sweet guy. He’s vulnerable, he’s brave, extremely creative – the best actor we have hands down. He really cares about his craft, cares about music and cares about us as people,” he said. “He lifts me up man, he does. He’s my mentor big time. I talk to the guy almost every day. He’s made me way more confident – way more.”

Stream the new video and let us know what you think.

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