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Comedian, Alibaba has a message for jobless men

Comedian Alibaba has a message for men who make themselves available for women.

Alibaba has taken to Instagram to advise people not to confuse a busy man with a jobless man.

According to him, a man who is always available is jobless. However, one who has work tries to make time for his family from his busy schedule.

He also advised ladies to understand that jobs are different and because a man is always busy with his job doesn’t mean he doesn’t love them.


He wrote;

“Choose who you want to be with. Don’t let all these people come online to confuse you.

“Any man who is available 24/7… is not the kind of man you want.

“And if your lady is busy, appreciate her efforts to make it up. Don’t burn out the few moments you have, quarrelling over the times she wasn’t available.

“Our jobs and time required to differ.

An actor may have all the time in the world for you. But a 9-5 worker can only be available at weekends.

“Some Naval officers can be away for months. Don’t compare them with that photographer that covers weddings and sees you all week.

“Because he sees you every day doesn’t mean he loves you more than the one who works hard and sees you once in a week.
Be guided.”

See post below:

In other news, Alibaba in a post he shared on his Instagram page, said from the reports reaching him, officers of the Lagos Internal Revenue Service LIRS, will soon go after ladies who live large.

Read his post below.

”And as for all of those ladies who are putting other hard-working ladies under pressure with things that the struggling ladies cannot afford yet, but things that their big god bought for them… na God go deal with una.

You are carrying a 4 million Naira bag, and you don’t have a 200k monthly job. You are flying business and first-class, private jet, yet you have no source of income.”

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