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DaBaby & Camila Cabello – My Oh My


Camila Cabello and DaBaby shocked the world in December when the unlikely duo dropped their collab, “My Oh My.” Camila decided to cash in on DaBaby fever while the world still can’t get enough of him, and the popstar has proved she made the right choice for a rapper feature. The single is infectious, describing a forbidden romance in which both parties are only interested in “one thing.” The mischievous, rebellious nature of their relationship in the song are brought to life in the theatrical music video, as Camila takes on the role of an unhinged silent film star desperate to be free from her contract. Fictitious Camila begs the studio heads to let her play the hero in one of her countless films, in which she is always stuck with the role of the damsel in distress. She meets DaBaby in a bar, and he falls for her wild antics after witnessing her destroy one of her movie posters at a party. He decides to buy her out of her studio deal and allow her to play the hero in his own films at DaBabyScope Productions.

While the visuals are certainly entertaining, some folks on Twitter took note of some of the video’s questionable optics,  A sneak peak prior to the video’s  release showed Camila taking shots at a bar clearly set in a long-ago time period, while she sings the lyric, “My mama doesn’t trust him.” Following this line with a shot of DaBaby, a black man, pursuing Camila, a white woman, in the 1950s, did not sit well with some.

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