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Diane responds to follower who asked if she still hates Tacha. (video)

During the Big Brother Naija Reality TV show, Diane and Tacha

had a full blown spat after latter scolded the former for being

careless with the veto power box.

Recall it all started after Diane left the Veto power box at the

arena games after Nigerian music legend, Tuface Idibia performed for the housemates.

Biggie had given the housemates a red box to protect throughout that week. He warned that housemates will serve punishment if the red box is missing.

Diane responds

But Diane, who was in charge of the box on a Friday left it behind at the arena, stirring reactions from housemates, with Tacha lashing out at her.

Tacha rained insults at Diane and accused her of getting drunk and forgetting the box.

Tacha told Diane: “You are stupid for leaving that box, don’t take alcohol if you cannot handle it.

Diane responds

“Don’t talk back at me, you cannot approach me outside this place just so you know.”

Now that the show is over, Diane in reaction to a question by one of her followers which reads, “Do you hate Tacha”.. Diane has responded that though whatever happened in the house was ‘a normal thing’, she doesn’t hate Tacha.. adding that she saw Tacha today.

Watch the video below;


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