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Elijah Blake – 5 Gold Rings



Every time the winter holidays come around, you can bet your top dollar that a number of rappers and singers will try to create classics that will last until the end of time. Just look at Mariah Carey. Homegirl is making millions every year off her holiday project. Elijah Blake is tapping into the market with his new record “5 Gold Rings,” which he describes as a trap version of “12 Days of Christmas.” The record is remarkably smooth and today, he’s premiering the video exclusively with HotNewHipHop.

Elijah Blake’s Holiday Love project is one of our favorite new bodies of work to have been specially made for this season and “5 Gold Rings” is a standout from it. The Grammy winner parties with beautiful women in the video, stunting in foreign whips, expensive jewelry, and blinding lights. He spoke to us about the record, saying:

“The goal was to come up with a Christmas song that felt like a Christmas record, but wasn’t limited to only the holidays & could stand the test of time. It’s current enough to move & play in the clubs, but it has all the elements of the holiday time that you could have fun with & dance to with your family. It’s a cool hip-hop song that plays off of the holiday nostalgia.”

Blake succeeded in that aspect. He continued by explaining why he wanted to have a “Trap Santa” moment.

“Even with the video, the first thing I told Boima (the director) was that this was an unconventional Christmas song, so I didn’t want the video to be typical either. We played with certain elements to make it a bit edgy. The conecpt we came up with was Christmas in the year 3020. We incorporated the Christmas lights & colors, but kept it young, fun & as hip-hop driven as possible. Even the whole flow of the song is different for me because I’m more an R&B crooner, but this song has so many different elements of hip-hop in it. I wanted to have my Trap Santa moment.

What do you think of the video?

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