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Evergreen Richard chinagorom gives a symposium speech about his journey to make ABIA State, A state of Good governance

Evergreen Richard chinagorom is the people’s choice, he has come to fulfill a progressive mandate in Abia State as the State deputy governor.

He discloses essential reasons for standing out to become the deputy governor of Abia State through the political party (YOUTH PARTY). he hails from ndagbo isiama afaraukwu Umuahia north LGA Abia State Nigeria.

Actually he started by telling Nigerians the political party he’s coming from. The name YOUTH PARTY [YP].

He is running for the position of a deputy governor in Abia State through YOUTH PARTY , with the governorship candidate her Self, Chief Mrs Oluchi Bradford victoria ogwo.

The reason why he accepted to run through the political party is because the cry of Abians has gotten to the brim, it has gotten to the sight of the deaf and ears of the blind.

The deaf could see and the blind hear Abians are crying. He made a littlde comparison between Abia and Ebonyi state. Before now when Abians need house help they go to ebonyi state and pick house help but now the reverse is the very case. today no body can boldly leave Abia state to go get house help in ebonyi state anymore. How are the mighty falling.

How can they be sending us from frying pan to fire?
that is what people from abia state may ask you.

So it is as if nobody wants to tell the truth or people are talking but no one cares to hear the voice of the masses. and I said to my self I can’t keep talking without doing something.

Since I have been complaining and nothing happens so today I have the capability and the ability to handle the economy of abia state and put things in shape.

I now decided to come out with boldness and not afraid or persuaded to do this with all boldness and with pure hatred against corrupt practices, that is the reason why i came out to contest for the position of the deputy governor of abia state.

And also because of the kind of woman in person chief Mrs Oluchi Bradford Victoria ogwo is a woman of authority and a woman of power, she’s a lioness in nature and she’s fearless.

The cry of the people of abia state has gotten to her ears and she’s saying no to the bitterness of her people, she is saying enough is enough, because she’s craving for the betterment of her state Abia.

But how could it be that abia state doesn’t have an airport, if abia state should have an airport would heaven fall down. We have technical schools in abia state that is not functioning.

This is not because nobody has something doing to figure out answers to these things, but fear and wickedness of the unknown kept them mute.
even the teachers in those technical schools could not feed well so how can they concentrate in teaching the pupils.

Take a look at our fathers who are pensioners see them working round going front and back without no pension after years of selfless services to the state, Ohh what a pity he said.
We can build an amusement park for the old in this state where they can be well taken care of every weekend.

And it pains my heart when I looked at so many people who came out from different political parties that are contesting for governorship election, if you should observe these political parties record and their candidates, you will have to acknowledge that they are the same people or children of the same people of the old who has failed Abia State before now. When shall we indeed be seen as God’s own state?
This evil must stop he said.

Please note that the son of a criminal is also a criminal, so many times we have been deceived by this good for nothing parties, but today men who are brave have come up to say no to political blunder and we must succeed because we come with peace and progress.

Abia’s should listen to me, if my blood will be the solution to the wrongs I Abia State, I am ready to stand out with my blood still in my vains to fight because the dead can’t lead the living. I know I will not die I will live to bring goodness to Abia state.

I am disappointed and not satisfied with the past and present government, why should a man ask if our state fly over our business?

Please my good people of Abia don’t allow yourself to be deceived by this people, These are same people that failed abia state before and now they want to embrace us again. Please my brave youths and citizens of Abia State, don’t give them your concent.

Together we shall fight and win the course tomorrow, thanks so much for your time spent reading this article and God bless Abians, God bless youth party.

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