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How I became a bishop by E. A adeboye

The man of God discloses essential information about his ministry as a bishop

I Told my Mother I was Going to Become a Bishop when I Grow up – Pastor E.A. Adeboye Speaks

I think it was 1951, the Bishop came visiting Ifewara and because of what happened that day, I let my mom know that when I grow up, I will be a Bishop. After thirty years, I became General Overseer. In 1985, I went to South Korea and I went to a mountain, a request mountain. Individuals came from everywhere the world to ask there. I shared with God “one day there will be a request mountain in Nigeria, where individuals will come from everywhere the world to supplicate”. After thirty years, God opened Mount Carmel in Ifewara.

Today, individuals come from everywhere the world to supplicate there in light of the fact that amazing supernatural occurrences are going on there. Then, at that point, around fourteen days prior, God reminded me about something that occurred around a long time back. I taught a lesson at Camp Young Ede, the title of the message was ”the Fourth Dimension”. God helped me to remember everything of an unexpected, I had neglected so I started to contact the people who were there in the event that they had the tape.

They couldn’t track down the tape. I needed to go to my Father in paradise, you always remember, might you at any point let me know unique about that specific lesson. He said during that message you forecasted that daily will come and a many individuals will accumulate, you will emerge from your request room and they will all have their extraordinary solicitations and you will simply wave your hand and every one of their solicitations will be conceded. Daddy told me “this evening there will be a satisfaction”

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