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How Mobile Sports Betting Has Transformed How We Bet Online

For several decades, sports betting was confined at the horse racing tracks. Bookmakers ran several shops countrywide, and the players had to go to these establishments to place their bets. Most people stuck around the shops and watched the events on TVs in the shops until the end of the game, creating a social aspect towards betting on sports. However, the emergence of smartphone technology has changed the way people place their wagers and it will continue transforming the industry in the coming years.

How Smartphones Have Changed Sports Betting

As more people continue getting access to the internet and smartphone technology, the betting market has continued getting more players daily. That’s because most punters are inclined to bet on their smartphones more than on their desktop, mainly due to the convenience of betting on the go. Today, leading bookies like Betway have dedicated their resources to creating intuitive and responsive mobile betting apps.

According to Google trends, mobile betting has been rising in popularity over the last five years in South Africa, Uganda, USA, Kenya, Ethiopia and U.K. Uganda has the highest number of searches for the phrase “Mobile Sports Betting”, proving to be a favourite pastime for many.

Why Mobile Sports Betting has Become Popular

Since it’s easy to access all sports betting markets from anywhere in the world after signing up at Betway and logging into your account online or via the app, smartphone betting has become popular. The world is starting to have a clear understanding of how to place wagers on smartphones and why it’s better than a physical bookmaking shop.

Besides the accessibility and convenience, mobile betting has gained popularity because:

In-play betting has become easy
In-play betting is all about following the game and placing the wager on the right outcome at the perfect time. As such, it’s important to have a way you can access the betting markets easy and track any shifts in the odds. In-play betting is big business online as it puts the punters very close to the action.

Easy transfer of cash
With the growth of e-wallets, credit & debit cards and mobile money services, it has become fast and convenient for punters to deposit wagers and withdraw their winnings. As a result, withdrawing your cash or depositing it is a breeze.

Updated content and markets
Research shows that the average smartphone user checks his/her smartphone for at least 16 times in every hour, even when there are no alerts. That’s because people crave for information and want to stay updated with the latest information.

Today, mobile sports bookie operators have learnt to exploit this fact, using the opportunity to get the punters hooked with betting tips, pre-game stats and odds calculations. The punters receive all the information they need on their mobile phones, and that helps them to make more informed decisions when wagering on their smartphones.

The future of mobile sports betting

With the emergence of mobile sports betting, new marketing opportunities have been created for sports brands and other related products. Nonetheless, you can expect the future to hold more surprises with the growth of instant payouts and other innovations in the smartphone industry.

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