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Justin Bieber – E.T.A.


We’re living the battle of the streaming services era. While we usually hear about this phenomenon in relation in to the proliferating visual content providers, the battle is also being fought on the music front. The major players boil down to Spotify and Apple Music. When you’re an international superstar like Justin Bieber, you can’t simply select one of these services over the other to promote a new album. For this reason, he has been ensuring that both teams get some love for the Changes rollout.

Spotify hosted a “House of Changes” release party last Friday (February 14). Superfans were invited to an indoor skatepark where installations were set up and merch was distributed. Apple Music is also claiming its stake in the biggest album in the world right now. Aside from Bieber’s extensive and revelatory Beats 1 interview with Zane Lowe, Apple’s streaming service will be exclusively premiering Changes music videos.

The first of the batch is for the guitar ballad, “E.T.A.” Justin initially teased the return of “R&Biebs” before Changes dropped and this track comes closest to living up to that title. Its music video is labelled as a “nature visual”, which makes sense considering the popstar spends the entirety of it surrounded by trees and mountains in the great outdoors. Perhaps each video in the collection will feature a different theme. Stay tuned to find out. You can watch a teaser for the video below and catch the full thing here if you happen to be an Apple Music subscriber.

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