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Konshens’s Wife “Latoya” Responds To Negative Inbox Messages

Latoya Spence (nee Wright) Aka Latty currently not only has her Marriage to deal with but also the countless negative comments and messages that he has been receiving online since news broke that she and husband Konshens are not seeing eye to eye.

The young couple who got married a little over two years ago are going through a very rocky path and a lot of their emotions are being spilled online.

Most recently Latoya wrote “Thanks for the hundreds of DM (direct messages) but one question…who told y’all I was leaving my husband!? We ain’t no pretenders, we are humans…we have our vulnerable moments and situations; we don’t paint it like we perfect — never have. We don’t ask to be nobody’s couple goals ’cause we both made and making mistakes and learning, and getting better at this thing called life. So all y’all perfect men and women, kudos to you,”

She also stated “He has a strong woman by his side, and he will be nursed back to the strong man that he is — and I will ensure of this. My family, including my husband, is my number one priority right now; and if you have a negative comment bout dat please take it elsewhere ’cause Greg and I care zero, as we always have,” she said in a follow-up post.

Konshens wrote the following several days ago “You will wake up and grow up when she already gone. all she did was – Bring me the greatest happiness only rivaled by mi kids births. – stick by me no matter what and who going against me – Stop me from kill miself COUNTLESS times after mi bredda drop out an mi get fucking unstable. And counsel me when the world a come down pan mi. – Put up with Countless fuckery and handle it all with class and maintain respect and protect me image. – Love mi daughter like she is yours and grow her into a Lady. – Transform my mindset financially and show me seh the way i was handling money all those years was totally wrong. – Match me perfectly spiritually and physically – Partner with me in business and LIFE.”

The two got married on November 19, 2017 in Florida at Fort Lauderdale Marriot Harbour Beach Resort and Spa.

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