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Lil West – Hot Sauce

Lil West’s charisma shines throughout all eight songs of his Vex Part 2 EP, which dropped back in September. “Hot Sauce” was one of the more laidback tracks on the project, but there’s also subtle jubilation in there. A bright guitar riff serves as the foundation of the beat and Lil West laces the chorus with poppy melodies. While at times the lyrics express the Delaware native’s longing for love, he often gets fed up with its trappings and tosses it all away. He prefers to pivot to flexing, dropping bars like “I got a redhead bitch like hot sauce”, which obviously serves as the title’s origins.

After sharing a music video for the Calboy-assisted cut off the EP last month, we now get one for “Hot Sauce.” It captures the more lighthearted dimensions of the song. Lil West serves as the host of his own home-based cooking show, making use of several spicy ingredient to fit the song’s theme. While his tutorial starts out serious, his program becomes increasingly less wholesome as he starts acting out on set. It’s not hard to see how this switch reflects the dynamic between the introspective chorus and braggadocious verses.

Watch the video below and also check out his appearance on our “This or That” series here.

Watch Video Below:-

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