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Lolo Cynthia: ‘Stop piercing your child’s ears’

Activist and media personality, Lolo Cynthia has admonished parents to quit piercing the ears of their children. According to her, it takes away their freedom.

Lolo Cynthia mentioned that children should be given the privilege to either pierce their ear or not. In her tweet, she stated that a girl child should not be confined too early by the decision of their parents.

The livid media personality also claimed that children should have the freedom to choose the gender they want.


Here is what she wrote.

“The only reason the ears of your female child is pierced at birth is to point out her gender.

“It’s a harmless practice that is founded on gender construct.

“It takes away the ability of the girl to choose if she wants pierced ears & reinforces the accepted appearance for girls.”

Lolo’s tweet has garnered unexpected reaction from social media users as numerous trolls reacted to her post with a jocular response.

Some trolls have decided to talk about football, sex and share other unrelatable memes underneath the thread. The reactions are not affiliated with the post.

Read some comments below.

On Monday, Nigerian singer Simi took to the microblogging platform Twitter to school her followers on feminism and the need for gender equality.

“Feminism makes many men feel so vulnerable because you find that society that gave you your “superiority card” is starting to know (and want) better for women – and you dunno wtf to do. Lol. The gag is, if you support us, life is better for everyone. Don’t be afraid of Blue heart,” she tweeted.

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