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Marc Anthony’s $7 million Yacht Sunken after Huge Fire

The burned-out yacht that was owned by Marc Anthony, is now posing a big danger to Miami’s coastal waters, this has caused the federal government to step in to offer help, but it will be expensive.

The Andiamo, Marc’s $7 million yacht, suddenly burst into flames on Wednesday night in a Miami marina. Valiant efforts were made to put out the fire quickly, but the vessel went under and it is now leaking fuel. It is mostly submerged and there is a need for the issue to be tackled.

There is the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund that the Government will use to pay divers, the U.S. Coast Guard reported to a close source.

The wreckage is being inspected to find out the best way to clear the tanks and engine at this time.
No injuries were reported as 45 firefighters battled the blaze on the 120-foot yacht.

Marc’s prized possession will be towed to dry dock and investigators will determine the cause of the fire after the leaked fuel is cleaned up. Officials estimated that $300,000 will be pulled from the fund and that should cover the current costs.

It is possible that the funds that are being spent to do this job will be reimbursed by Marc Anthony’s insurance company once the clean-up operation is complete.

Taxpayers won’t be paying to clear up the problems rich people have this time.


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