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Mc Tboy throw Shade at Business Owner in Imo State

Mc Tboy the owner of Jollof joke comedy kitchen took to his Facebook page today Wednesday Oct 16 2019 to throw shade at business owner in Imo State

below is what he said:

Time has gone when we Imo State Entertainers will Beg anybody for Sponsorship…

We will do that Concert without you and your company, you will come and watch us Take Over..

If you don’t believe in IMO Based Entertainers.. Keep your selfish reasons to yourself.. after all when you no Dey, we still get the Job Done.. we will never beg for Food. we are Entertainers.

a bad fallout with one Entertainment body or agency does not mean you have To generalize that All Entertainment bodies are never do well..

that’s Fallacy of False Cause and Hasty Generalization..

Support us or Watch us Take Over..

Support Imo Entertainment.

Do you think he is right or wrong ?

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