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Nigerians verbally attack Bobrisky in Dubai

In a recent video making the round on social media, Nigerians were seen throwing jabs at popular transvestite Bobrisky in Dubai.

On Sunday, February 23, the transvestite whose real name is Idris Okuneye was seen walking with his female colleagues in the vicinity when some Nigerian men jeered him.

In the video, Bobrisky was also seen wearing a glamorous red outfit as the yet-to-be-identified men hurled insults at him. He, however, ignored the insults that were hurled at him as he focused on his destination.

This is coming several days after Bobrisky revealed that he will be going for face surgery. He aims to be prettier and also wear female skin permanently. Apparently, several Nigerians are not fascinated by Bobrisky’s effeminate persona.

The video was likewise first published on the news platform, Instablog. Watch the video below.

A couple of weeks ago, the controversial Nigerian transvestite made a nerve-wracking post on Instagram.

He mentioned in his post that several marriages, affairs and heterosexual relationships will be broken should the Nigerian government approve same-sex marriage.

According to Bobrisky, numerous men in Nigerian are homosexuals who hide behind closets.

According to him, most guys are bisexual. He also hinted that he knows some married men who swing both ways but would not expose anyone.

Here is what he wrote.

Nigerians are hypocrites.

We know them but because we are so mature we won’t cast anybody.

Just do your thing and don’t castigate anyone.

Live your life and stay outta trouble. PERIOD !!!!”

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