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OAP Osi Suave says he wants to be a lady in his next life

Popular Nigerian media personality, Osi Suave has stated that he is done with gender roles and he is prepared to come as a lady in his next life.

Osi Suave took to the microblogging site, Twitter to air an alien thought pertaining to gender roles. He stated that he is fascinated by the privileges given to women and would love to appear in their skin.

Osi pointed out that a lot is changing for the women; and not for the guys as men are still very much expected to be men.


Stating a few examples as it concerns him, he has requested to be a woman in his next life.

Sharing on Twitter, Osi wrote: “See ehn, If i come to this life again, I gats be a babe.”

Read the complete thread below.

Cos for the life of me I would never ask my babe to do shit that I know she would struggle with because of equality.

Na why I dey always advocate for everyone should bring to the table things they naturally are good at so balance fit dey.

A couple of weeks ago, Nollywood actress, Toni Tones showed her support for transgenders in Nigeria. She admonished Nigerians to care for transgenders and transvestites without judging.

She mentioned that every citizen has the right to become whatever they want to.

Toni stated that transgenders deserve to fight for equality because they are humans; hence deserve equal treatment like everyone else.

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