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Phony Ppl & Megan Thee Stallion – Fkn Around

Megan Thee Stallion is becoming more and more of an in-demand feature artist, as most recently demonstrated with neo-soul-hip-hop group Phony Ppl’s funky single, “Fkn Around.” The track debuted on Megan’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert, and after an overwhelmingly positive response, the Houston Hottie and quintent dropped a studio version two weeks ago. In the visuals for the song, which premiered on Thursday, the gang is “fkn around” while workin’ at the car wash.

“‘Fkn Around’ is a fun time for everyone involved,” Phony Ppl told Complex. “Shooting this video was a beautiful experience in L.A.” The lead singer, Elbee Thrie, revealed where the inspiration behind the song’s lyrics originally came from. “We’re all blind to the things that people feel we shouldn’t know,” Elbee explained. “In this case, she’s got a man but she’s f*ckin around. Right under her confidant’s nose… in the club. Will she leave the party with the same guy she came with? Or does the night have a huge plot twist in store?” These themes are explored further in the video, as various car wash employees find themselves flirting with their patrons, using the tools at hand to build sexual tension.

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