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Rick Ross & Gunplay Nobody’s Favorite


Rick Ross, boss though he may be, opted for a more subtle approach on Port Of Miami 2. A solid, if altogether unchallenging effort from start to finish, the project found Renzel at his most comfortable. Luckily, when one’s image is that of a charismatic higher-up, one can get away with coasting from time to time. On “Nobody’s Favorite,” however, Ross made sure to step into the boardroom with a vengeance, taking to a stark minimalist banger with formidable swagger. The brand new visuals, lined with menace and violent imagery, successfully enhance the song’s sense of danger.

Neon-drenched lighting and opulent imagery are plentiful, with Renzel and Gunplay’s table literally lined with a shark. Despite the dark tone, the ladies remain loyal to the cause, finding time to twerk accordingly. Despite the lack of any clear narrative, there’s enough imagery to tell a loose and fragmented story, making “Nobody’s Favorite” another solid video in Ross’ growing repertoire. Check it out now, and make sure to revisit Port Of Miami 2 when you have a second.

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