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Spice and I-Octane at Rivera

Last Sunday the Rivera Dance in the day was hot, since the noise abatement act is being enforced and I-Octane has been having a day-time event or day-time dance concept and it is being supported well.
Spice was there as one of the performers and she spoke about her “Piano makeup Palette” and all the other things she does these days.

She is fully booked, and Joe Bogdanovich reached out to her already, the Down Sound Boss, and now she is booked for next Sumfest.

The Spicy one was excited about performing at I-Octane’s event as it was being held in Portmore. She said Portmore is the place where she has a lot of fans because her career started there.

She knows the people loves her a lot there because they are wearing blue hair so they can look like her and she will be putting on a great performance for them.

The Queen of the Dancehall wanted the girls to know that they can make it out of poverty. If she did it, they can do it too. It is not what you make, it is what you save.

She was also in Mommy mode, as the Christmas season is here; and she wants to create great memories with her children.

However, she was very excited about Spicy Fridays, which is being held at the A Bar every Friday night. Spice still promotes Magnum tonic wine as she is a brand ambassador,

She was asked about the song she had done with D-Angel as it is doing well, and she said it was D-Angel’s best song to date and she doesn’t have much more to say about it, as she will get upset for a while and then calm down and everything is good again.

She is supporting I-Octane’s event as he is her brother and she even left her man behind on his birthday to be at the event. It was that important for her.

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