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Stupid things people do for love

Love is a beautiful thing when it is shared with the right person. When you truly love someone, you want to share every little, significant and seemingly insignificant detail with them, ranging from how your day.

When something happens and we want to share it with someone special; we instantly think of that person that makes the  heart flutter; that person we can’t seem to be able to not think about almost every time.

We think of what to do to make them happy. We buy them stuff and when they need us emotionally; and we are also there to answer, “present” because we truly care about their overall wellbeing.

In spite of the beauty of love, sometimes funny, crazy and downright scary stuff have happened in relationships between people who WERE or ARE (still) in love.

We know the saying that “there is a thin line between love and hate”; and sometimes it is scary to imagine how much hate can spew from the bellies of people who once doted on each other; couples who at one time thought the other person was the most beautiful thing in the world.

Even Socrates couldn’t have been more deadpan when he said, “From the deepest desires often come the deadliest hate”. 

Many have done really crazy and wack stuff because of love. Some have sent nasty text messages, made stupid phone calls, fought (like exchange blows and what not) over someone, destroyed property, drank poison, bathed a rival with acid, bathed a former lover with acid (because if you can’t have them, no one should!), committed murder and suicide…the horrible list goes on and on.

Stupid things people do for love

There is a reason why they say “love is blind’ because a person in love acts sometimes like he/she is wearing a blindfold where their partner is involved.

They make excuses for them (that’s ok when it’s worth it), but when there’s no point for excuses, making them is just like postponing the day of reckoning. Some of us would not admit it, but we have done ‘maaaad’ things just for love.

Sometimes we act like we are crazy because we don’t want to lose our partners and when we have offended them, we go to great lengths to apologise and make sure they forgive us. Sometimes without really thinking, we have made irrational decisions that looked okay then, but when we think about it days, months or even years later, we feel like bashing our heads against the wall (well, not literally, but you do know what I mean).

We think, “How could I have done something so stupid?!” Personally I have  done my own share of the dumb stuff (even recently) and looking back, I cannot believe how really foolish I was back then. And it is only when the scales have fallen from our eyes that we can really see that we could have taken a different and better approach to that particular issue.

Love is indeed the greatest gift and when we are faced with relationship issues, we should first PAUSE, TAKE A DEEP (and I mean a really deep) BREATH, and try not to go for the seemingly obvious solution, because most times, THAT obvious solution may end up being the most stupid thing we have ever done, and it ends up biting us in the ass.

And then we berate ourselves for being so unbelievably stupid. So watch out folks because that obvious solution may be the beginning of the countdown to the end of your relationship.

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