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Suspense Returns to Dancehall Music and Leaves Church

She revealed to a source that “I still go to church, but I’m not a Christian anymore. I can’t live the church hypocrite life. I can’t have one foot in and one foot out. I’m trying to find myself and I’m truthful in myself, I can’t pretend and feel uncomfortable. I worship every single day, every morning, every night but me just nah do the church thing anymore”.

“In the Christianity world, I felt lost. Trying to get the Holy Spirit, trying to live that life, I was more than overwhelmed. At first, it was great, and I was feeling very good about turning away from the sinful world, but then it started to feel like me put mi self inna prison. I turned my life over and I was trying and praying not to turn back but all I wanted to do was dancehall music, not dirty, raunchy music, but dancehall.”

She said that she was going through some things at the time that only divine intervention could fix. She is aware of the battles she might face and said she was serious about changing her life when she started out.

The dancehall entertainer said “nobody but God could change things for when she went through a rough patch. The people in church supported her, but she feels more comfortable when she is doing her music.

Manager Found
Suspense now plans to do new music and put out a new music video since she found a new manager. She is looking forward to uploading her new video on YouTube.

She says, she plans to ease back into the music slowly as she still don’t want to rush into anything. She also speaks about answering to God for herself and not allowing anyone to stress her out

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