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The good, the bad, and the Lagos – 010

I remember that night, that year, in that Lagos. It was not quite this Lagos as we know it. It was a time before SARS when nightlife was enjoyed with little fear.

At least in Surulere, Lagos.

It was also the era of emergence of strip clubs.

At least in Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere, Lagos.

That night was my debut attendance. I’d gone in the company, or, you could say guidance, of a more experienced friend.

The club was dimly lit. Sensual songs coolly oozed out of hidden speakers in the background, and naked girls sashayed the floor area.

At least in Queenly, Adeniran Ogunsaya, Surulere, Lagos.

When I heard about it, I’d honestly expected the girls to be scantily clad. But, no, they were true to advertisement – butt naked. They also seemed to enjoy it. They did not appear shy or body conscious.

In fact, they invited the interest on their bodies.

They touched one another in their privates, and beckoned on gawkers to join them. They would pour a few drops of alcohol on themselves and have another lick it like streaming honey. These were the girls that made Queenly, and matter of fact, they were too beautiful to pass up as no more than commercial commodities.

One act though that had me knocked for six was the pleasure in having the girls rock a customer. Even now, I still don’t understand how a man gets off on any act that does not involve some kind of penetration. So, my disappointment soared to the roof when I saw my friend beckon at one of the girls. I struggled to reassure myself he couldn’t be so lame as to be like any of these men who have the girls just come and shake their tail feathers, grind on their erect penises, allow access to their boobs, and have the session expire.

No climax in Cloud 9.

When the girl walked away, I leaned in and asked him what was going on. He said he’d just asked the girl to round up her business early because she and another friend would be going home with us for a private party – with full access to everything.

The true way of nightly shenanigans.

I smiled gently. “My guy, my guy!”

I remember that night, that year, in that Lagos.

At least in Queenly.

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