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Timi Dakolo reveals Michelle is not his ‘sister’

Timi Dakolo has reacted to the allegation instigated against him by a lady who claimed to be his sister.

During the early hours of Friday, February 21, a lady identified as Michelle Dakolo took to the photosharing app, Instagram to claim she is Timi’s younger sister. She mentioned that he blocked her on WhatsApp after she asked for his financial assistance.

Michelle shared a photo text that reads: “If your brother still takes care of you/family after marriage, then you should thank his wife! He married a good woman.

Michelle added in the caption: “Hmmmm!!! My own even blocked me via WhatsApp because I asked him for money to start a business. But I’m not giving up on life, cos I will make it in life. I know who I am. I’m A Priesthood.”

Her post got lots of reactions with people accusing her of having a sense of entitlement.

Below are a few of those reactions.

Timi Dakolo has since reacted to the accusation after his attention was drawn to it.

He revealed that he has only one sister and she’s in Lagos here, doing well.

He added that Michelle is his cousin, not his biological sister and that she must be referring to her blood brother.

Here is what he wrote, “Make una leave “me” o, I only have one sister and she is doing fine in this Lagos and her name is not Michelle. Michelle Dakolo is my cousin. I am very she is talking about her brother not me.”

See his post below.


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