Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Saq Nation

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About Us

Here at Team Saq Nation…TSN, we help each & every member here to actualize his or her dream of becoming a Professional and a well known DJ.

As you may know, DJing goes beyond just mixing of music. It has some ethics that are supposed to be observed in order to make it big and also compete with those at the top in the industry. By doing this one has to be Humble show Love to neighbor and at the end Progress shall be our portion. We believe when there is love, progress comes in.

We are not secret society group or cult or union. We are just DJs who are ready to support each other and make it big in the industry. As u may know DJing is a serious business and as such serious measures must be taken into consideration.

Our motto is Humility, Love & Progress.

Once more, you are welcome.

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