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Twitter user narrates how his friend suffered heartbreak after seeing lover through school

A Twitter user has shared a heartbreaking narrative his friend recently went through.

On Tuesday, February 18, a Twitter user identified as Dr Maxvayshia took to the microblogging site to narrate a heartwrenching experience his friend recently went through. According to the medical practitioner, his friend was left in the middle of nowhere after investing greatly in a lady that he considered a prospect.

In a lengthy thread, the medical doctor revealed that his friend fell in love with a light skin lady. He mentioned that he provided the young lady with basic necessities of life, including putting a roof over her head and feeding her. Further, Maxvayshia stated that his friend singlehandedly financed the lady’s education.

To further exude his affection for the lady, he bought her a vehicle to celebrate her graduation.

Despite the altruistic demeanour of the narrator’s friend, his heart was shocked to figure out that he was manipulated by the lady he thought he was in love with. The described light-skinned lady went back to her hometown to tie the knot with another man; meanwhile, Maxvayshia’s friend played the role of the fool the whole time.

In the end, the lady reportedly sold all the property gifted to her the Goodheart of the narrator’s friend. She decided to pay evil for his good deeds.

Read the story shared by Dr Maxvayshia on Twitter.

‘So my guy here fell in love with this laiskin babe January 2017 and they had been dating ever since then.

The man got her admission in a polytechnic and paid her fees although, feeding, accommodation and whatnot. The girl graduated and a man bought her a Toyota Corolla.

All these while…’

Continue reading the heartbreaking thread below.


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