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Vector: ‘People who shout in church are selfish’

Nigerian rapper, Vector has come hard on religious folks who enjoy shouting during church service. According to him, they are selfish.

Vector who graduated from the prestigious institution, Unilag where he studied Philosophy, he mentioned that most religious people and churchgoers scream primarily because they want God to answer them first. Vector has simply dubbed the act as selfish and callous.

The rapper simply took a  swipe at people who believe that ‘‘God will hear them more when they shout in church.”

Here is what he shared on the microblogging site, Twitter.

‘Why the hell do people shout in church believing God would hear them more.

If anything, it shows how selfish we are cos the volume increases mostly cos the individual vuvuzela wants “God” to answer him/her first. That! My brethren isn’t Christian.

That’s competition.’

A couple of weeks ago, Toke Makinwa also took to social media to reprimand religious zealots.

According to Toke, religious folks need to quit judging other people due to their life choices and indifference towards spirituality.

She also mentioned that religious people need to stop playing the role of ‘assistant Jesus’.

See her tweet below:

“I can’t stand over religious people if you’ve been saved, great! Let other people work our their salvation without your judgement. Work on remaining saved, leave we the struggling people alone, God loves us like that”

Toke Makinwa continued her rant below.

Set awon “holy pass” geng, na me know Jesus pass, on that day we shall all see who makes it to heaven.

Stop trying to figure out another person’s spiritual journey, it’s between them and God and last I checked God don’t need any PA’

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