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[Video] Gucci Mane And Megan Thee Stallion Love The ”Big Booty” In New Visuals

Gucci Mane and Megan Thee Stallion came out with a new music video on Wednesday.

”Big Booty” is pretty self-explanatory, considering artists in the genre today have been infatuated with ”big booties.” Gucci Mane starts it off by saying ”tell the skinny h*es to point me where the thick h*es at,” and unsurprisingly the video is filled with a bunch of females twerking around them showing off their thick physique.

It’s been pretty evident since Lil Kim’s era that female rappers, with some exceptions, need be sexualized for their bars to be heard.

With that being said, when it comes to bars, Megan Thee Stallion knows how to deliver.

The video clip is almost a reflection of the female rapper, and how she’s possibly claiming to be the Queen of ”Big Booties.” She portrays herself on a stallion, while rapping about the possibility of ”riding” her in return for money and fame. Gucci Mane, although the main rapper in the song is overshadowed by Megan’s undeniable talent and seductive features.

He does appear to be flaunting the fact, that although he’s been through a lot struggles in and out of prison, he’s incredibly lucky to be surrounded by beautiful thick women — because hey, money talks.

Watch Below:-

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