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[Video] Machine Gun Kelly – Glass House

Machine Gun Kelly latest project, Hotel Diablo – which dropped in July – shows the Cleveland rapper taking his demons out of the closet.

One of the more emotional songs on the record is the Naomi Wild collaboration, “Glass House”.

He name-drops several artists that we have tragically lost over the past two years, including Lil Peep, Chester Bennington, Nipsey Hussle and Mac Miller.

While he didn’t know them all personally, their deaths evidently left a mark on him, instilling a chilling awareness of his own mortality. “Me and death keep tongue-kissing,” MGK raps on “Glass House”. 

The music video depicts MGK trapped in a similarly vulnerable state as discussed in the song. It starts with him awakening alongside Wild, in a burning car that has crashed into a ditch.

In the refrain before the chorus, he bluntly says, “Sometimes i wanna scream or run away.” However, the video shows him both confined to the car and a glass box surrounded by mountains.

In light of MGK’s recent onstage meltdown – after which he vowed to get help once his tour with Young Thug is over – the video takes on a more disturbing tone. 

The artist was also found bloody after sustaining a facial injury a few weeks ago, but it seemed like it was all in good fun that time. 

Watch Video Below:-

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