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XXXTentacion, Tory Lanez, & Mavado – Hot Gyal



While many fans are pleased to have received another dose of posthumous XXXTentacion music, some have been wondering whether his vision was delivered as intended. On one hand, songs like “Hot Gyal,” which features Tory Lanez and Mavado, appear to be a vast departure from X’s traditional style. On the other, X has always been one to evolve, never staying grounded by one genre for too long; at least, that’s whatΒ ?Β seemed to indicate. Either way, we’ll never truly know — all we can do is enjoy what remains.

Now, withΒ Bad Vibes ForeverΒ continuing to amass streaming numbers, “Hot Gyal” has landed some new visuals. Naturally, the video delivers what it promises with a heavenly motif, bringing both Tory and Mavado into the fold. Though X’s presence is rather limited in the song itself, his lyrics remain traditionally on-brand, a reminder of his brash charm many came to appreciate. As for the visuals, it’s clear the Cleopatra Bernard executive-production came heavy on the budget, which has led to a divided response in the YouTube comment section. Where do you stand?

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