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YNW Melly – No Heart

A steady stream of output is usually the key to an artist staying relevant while serving a stint behind bars.

The Florida rapper is currently facing the death penalty for allegedly murdering two of his friends last year. He hasn’t shared much new music since his album, We All Shine, dropped at the top of the year, but he’s keeping his name in circulation through music videos.

While Melly obviously cannot star in his own visuals, he has opted for a puppet version of himself to fill in the role.

This mini Melly made its first appearance in the video for “City Girls” and popped up again last week, partying in Tay Money’s “Left Cheek, Right Cheek”. This time around, Melly and his team decided on another substitute for the imprisoned artist.

“No Heart” just got the video treatment and it features a teenage boy who plays a younger version of Melly. It follows the unfolding of a middle school crush, punctuated by all the usual awkwardness and disappointment. Something about the video noted in the YouTube comments was also that it was directed by Nathan R. Smith, rather than Melly’s usual collaborator DrewFilmedIt.

The video’s description on YouTube includes the following message: “Melly wanted to give you guys a visual to this Melly classic before the new album .. MELLY VS MELVIN REAL SOON .” Melly vs.Melvin has been teased by the rapper from behind bars via recorded phone calls and social media posts.

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