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Yung6ix reveals his billionaire status

Nigerian rapper, Yung6ix recently disclosed that he is now a billionaire.

Rapper Onome Onokohwomo popularly known by his stage name Yung6ix has shared with his fans as well as supporters what his net worth would be in the next few years.

Yung6ix took to his Twitter page to reveal the outcome of his meeting with some real estate moguls.

According to him, he was informed by the moguls that his real estate investments will pull his net worth to 10 million dollars which is approximately N3.7 billion in the next few years.

The rapper who currently has a net worth of roughly $1.5 million added that he would be disappointed if that would be all if he drops his “Trap Fro” album.

He wrote:

“In a meeting with some moguls.

They say my real estate investments will push my net worth/music to $10,000,000 in a few years.

I’m going to be disappointed if that’s all it is after I drop “Trap Fro” Official album. #Honestlyspeaking”

Yung6ix has remained persistent in the rap genre as well as a fan complimented him by giving positive feedback.

Yung6ix keeps working hard, although he hasn’t seemed to earn the credit he deserved his fans to appreciate his effort. He said the following:

it’s a fact” that there is no rap artiste like him in Nigeria.

“I am the only rapper in the country right now,” he said during a show on Hip TV.

“I can’t see anybody doing modern day rap music apart from myself. It’s just the truth. It’s just the fact. They don’t do it as I do it.”

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